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Articles worth reading and/or listening to:

Colorado Public Radio's Education Reporter, Jenny Brundin - Link to Ms. Brundin's stories and blog posts on education in Colorado.



From: Bristol Herald Courier: Why More School Districts are Holding Class Just Four Days a Week, April 19, 2018

From: Education Law Center, Rutgers Graduate School of Education, Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card, seventh edition, February 2018.

From Journal-Advocate: Merino, RE-1 Valley Superintendents Presenting on Ballot Issue, April 5, 2018

From Economic Policy Institute: The Teacher Pay Gap is Wider than Ever, published August 2016

From Journal-Advocate: RE-1 Valley School District hoping to get additional funding from state surplus, March 2018

From Denver Public Schools: Our DPS Weekly: The Time is Now to Better Support Kids, Teachers March 2018.

From the Denver Post: Douglas County school voucher program now officially dead after case dismissed by Supreme Court, officials say... January 27, 2018


From the Denver Post: Rural Colorado government services could retreat further because of forecasts pointing to more property tax cuts in 2019. The cuts caused by the Gallagher Amendment, a constitutional measure adopted in 1982 that limits the growth of residential propery taxes.

From Mental Health America: The State of Mental Health in America 2018


From The Bell Policy Center: About that "Taxman" Podcast (CPR: How Douglas Bruce and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Conquered Colorado)


Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness


From Colorado Public Radio: How Douglas Bruce and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Conquered Colorado


Dana Scott (CDE) worked with Jennifer Brown from the Denver Post on an article illustrating the impacts of homelessness on students’ lives, including their education. The article also provides information on the McKinney-Vento Act and the educational rights of homeless students.


From the Greeley Tribune: Colorado's teacher shortage hits Greeley, Weld County schools harder than most, November 1, 2017.


Report: The Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy (ITEP) - Trickle-Down Dries Up, States without personal income taxes lag behind states with highest top tax rates.


Colorado Public Radio: Half of Colorado School Districts have 4-day weeks. What's the Impact on Students? Superintendent Jan DeLay (Re-1 Valley) speaks with Ryan Warner (Colorado Public Radio), article by Rachel Estabrook (CPR). Link to CSFP map of districts on 4-day weeks


Column from The Hechinger Report: While The Rest Of The World Invests More In Education The U.S. Spends Less- Years of disinvestment could affect the future U.S. labor force. September 18, 2017

Colorado Public Radio: Colorado's Rural Teachers Are Getting Pinched in the Teacher Salary Game - article by Jenny Brundin, September 14, 2017

Denver Post: Where do schools spend their money? New site gives bare-bones look at finances - July 14, 2017

Colorado Springs Gazette: New state website details Colorado schools' revenue, spending - July 9, 2017

The Coloradoan: 5 things to know about marijuana money and schools. April 13, 2017

The Coloradoan: The negative factor: Why Colorado schools are crying poverty. April 4, 2017

Denver Post - Supreme Court Bolsters Rights of Learning-Disabled Students in Ruling in Colorado Case - Endrew F v Douglas County School District 1. March 28, 2017

Journal-Advocate: Colorado School Funding Facing 'Scary' Situation - recapping a presentation by one of CSFP's board members / Deputy Superintendent/Chief Financial Officer of Colorado Springs D-11. March 24, 2017

Video from KUSA 9News answering the question “I thought all that tax money from marijuana was supposed to take care of all this.”

Denver Post: Soaring home values mean Colorado homeowners get a tax cut. But local governments will be squeezed. January 13, 2017

KUNC - All Things Considered: Lawmakers Float Solutions to Colorado's School Funding Shortfall, January 18, 2017, an interview with Tracie Rainey (Executive Director, Colorado School Finance Project.