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Student Trends: PK-12 Special Student Population Trends

Summary Documents: Data source: Instructional Student Membership Counts from CDE.)

English Language Learners Trends (January 2014 update)

English Language Learners (ELL) and English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA), ELL and ELPA student count and per pupil spending trends, Data source: CDE.

Free Lunch and Reduced Lunch Trends (January 2016 update)

PK-12 Free Lunch and Reduced Lunch Count, Data source: CDE Fall Free Lunch and Reduced Lunch Count.

Information on Colorado's School Districts grouped by district size (student count) including the number & percentage of students, and Free/Reduced Lunch students, Spring 2012. Data source: CDE.

Gifted and Talented Trends (April 2015 update)

GT Students Served and Program Funding, 2005-06 thru 2014-15, Data source: CDE Instuctional Program Count and JBC Education Budget Briefing, January 2015.

Homeless (April 2015 update)

Colorado's Homeless Student Count 2005-2014. Data Source: CDE Instructional Program Count.